Commercial Painter

  Ren-O-Paint is the Commercial Painting Company You Can Count On.

When you run a business, it can be hard to juggle all the tasks that you have to accomplish. From dealing with customers to navigating employee and management decisions, you easily become overwhelmed. When you find out that you need to repaint your store, well, that can be the straw that breaks the camel's back! If you want to hire a reputable painting company that is ready to take the burden off your shoulders, consider turning to the commercial painter team at Ren-O-Paint!


Ren-O-Paint is the top painting company for commercial painting services in the entire Pacific Northwest. Family owned and family operated, Ren-O-Paint has navigated the painting industry for over a decade, leaving countless happy customers in its wake. Ren-O-Paint works closely with suppliers while minimizing their overhead to keep prices low, thus passing on the savings to their customers. There is a reason that Ren-O-Paint is the top painting company for affordable commercial work!


Hiring Ren-O-Paint for your next commercial painting work isn't difficult at all. If you are unsure what your budget is or what to expect from your service, feel free to contact Ren-O-Paint for a free estimate. Have as much information about your building handy before making your call to help ease the process. Once you have your free estimate, you can make the best-informed decision for your business!


While Ren-O-Paint is proud to be the commercial painter that everyone can rely on, the company specializes in an array of services within the painting industry. Ren-O-Paint offers both interior and exterior painting services to residential and commercial buildings alike. The team at Ren-O-Paint also offers professional carpentry services to minimize the need for additional hires during the job.


No matter what your commercial painter needs are, call Ren-O-Paint to discuss how they can best serve your business!