Hiring a carpenter may seem like a simple task, but the truth is quite to the contrary. Whether you are looking to remodel your bathroom or your entire home, having a reliable team of professional contractors on hand is of the utmost importance. Today, we are going to highlight the skills and services available at Ren-O-Paint, one of the top painting and carpentry teams in the Pacific Northwest.


Ren-O-Paint made a name for themselves as a professional painting company with low prices and great services. With a decade of industry experience in the world of painting, it is no wonder that our reputation is so great! With that being said, Brad and the team at Ren-O-Paint are also proud to offer professional carpenter services, as well. Ren-O-Paint promises free quotes for work when you call in while also offering promotions via their social media pages.


If you are looking to get affordable carpentry services from a professional team, get in contact with Ren-O-Paint today!

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